At the NUI Galway Finance Society, we help students make their initial footprints in the world of finance


guest Speakers

From world-renowned economists to multi-millionaires, the Finance Society has through the years entertained some of the finest and most talented individuals in the world of finance.

Student Managed Fund

The SMF operates an investment fund. The fund is solely managed and run by NUI Galway students with an interest in financial markets, investments and economics.


insightful events

Society events throughout the semester provide students with the opportunity to network with peers and industry experts through corporate and intervarsity collaboration. 

We are a student society with a passion for finance

Members of our society learn to build and develop on the practical fundamentals of modern finance and current affairs whilst engaging with a business environment. Our members are given the unique opportunity to make connections within the university through peer to peer events and network with national and international industry experts through corporate and inter-varsity collaboration.

The Student Managed Fund (SMF) presents us with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills that we have obtained to a secure in a corporate governance structure. Our aim is to produce passionate and intelligent graduates who submerge themselves into the corporate world as complete and budding professionals with a hunger for success.

We seek to motivate and stimulate students pursuing a career in finance and remind them to be proactive and think outside of the academic framework. We welcome students from all disciplines and academic backgrounds with open arms as business touches us all in our everyday lives.